The passionate performance of David's trumpet consistently gets an audience on their feet. Reviewers have compared his sound to iconic musicians including Miles Davis, AL Hirt, Arturo Sandoval, Freddie Hubbard and even Herb Alpert. But David's sound is all his. Bringing the sound of the trumpet into current music has been his mission and this album brings it all to a whole new place.

Other trumpet players, or trumpeters that have been compared to David Longoria include Chris Botti, Harry James, Louie Armstrong (Stachmo), Bunny Berigan, Dizzy Gillespie, Maurice Andre, Louie Prima, Andrea Bocelli, Maynard Ferguson and Doc Severinsen.  David Longoria appreciates the playing of each of these players.

Combining his mastery of the trumpet with contemporary electronica has created a truly groundbreaking collection of music in The Journey.


He is often called one of the most innovative and exciting musicians of our time. When other instrumentalists are aiming at smoother and unobtrusive music, David adds passion and energy to make you move. He has been making dance music as long as he's been making records.


The songs on The Journey were composed by David Longoria and remixer Robert Eibach. Bringing influences of classical, jazz, Latin and many other styles,  each song carries a fresh approach and feel.

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Every song on The Journey started out as an improvisation. David listened to a beat, visualized what the song might be about, closed his eyes and began to play. Widely appreciated in Jazz and classical circles, David has always been a performer. Improvisation is his most treasured language of music. For this reason, he felt it was of paramount importance that the album be played freshly and honestly, never a result of favoring studio engineering over true artistic performance.  

David has performed concerts all over the USA and Europe. He has produced, composed and performed on hundreds of recordings in all styles of music.