That says it all.  This song of support and rallying to remind you of your undying determination to keep on keeping on. 

We Are One is the anthem of UNITY. More than 600 Recording Artists from all genres joined forces and voices together on this historic song. Join us! Sing along as we bring a message of unity to everyone with this song and movement!

​This year marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic song from Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie called We Are The World. To celebrate that historic endeavor, David Longoria wrote and produced a song to do some good in the modern world. Inspired by the original song spotlighting the needy in Africa, David created the new song to target the topical issue of racial division in our lives today. If people are feeling left out or in need of others to stand in support, we must be there. These are our brothers and sisters. Our colors and races are not an issue. We are one race, created by the same Creator with the mission of lifting each other and loving each other. A very simple message, but a powerful one. 

​David invited 20 artists from all genres, generations and races to join him singing to promote unity. Soon we had more than  600 artists who sing together as never before. The magnitude of the sound of these voices, all standing in unity has never been heard. It will likely send chills when you first experience it.  Yet the biggest part of this song isn't even the amazing number of artists joining together. It's the message. ​We Are One!

Never Give Up your paragraph here.

Forgiveness and mercy lead to the fulfillment of our destiny. The calming assurance that we have been cleansed of the mistakes and bad decisions and behavior of the past. We have a peaceful closure for our Journey.

Angels (Reprise)

You start something new. A business, a relationship, a new endeavor. Suddenly it seems the world is fighting back to keep your road from being easy. You are dodging arrows. Just part of The Journey. But an important one. You now find out what you are made of. you find that to reach your destination , your destiny, you must brave the danger and dodge then arrows.

You have reached the point that when you reflect, you realize you are living the life. you enjoy your family, friends, surroundings. This is a wonderful point in The Journey.

Talented South African Flautist and Grammy Winner Wouter Kellerman joins David for this song, performing in harmony an featured in a compelling solo.  

They are mysterious, fun, playful, dangerous, beautiful and alluring. Boys fall for them. Girls want to be them




We enjoy what we enjoy. It's fun. It's wonderful. If one is good, two are better. After a while, the overindulgence becomes overwhelming and that which was lovely becomes dangerous, consuming everything we are.  Over the top.

The afterlife continues our Journey again surrounded by those magnificent creatures of celestial glory. In all their greatness they live to serve. We can learn a lot from Angels. Celebrate the Journey.

It'swonderful to embrace the childlike free abandon that is fun.It may make you smile. It will certainly remind you of how to have fun. 




We don't understand them, yet we know they are powerful and good. The ultimate messengers and defenders.

Each of us started with a single cell meeting another. Dividing and doubling over and over produced you. It wasn't at all by chance. You have a blueprint of remarkable design built into your map. After a time, a heartbeat begins. This began your Journey.

You walk down the street. You know you are looking fine this time. Your confidence level is at an all time high. The style you put into your stride and into the looks you give. Swagger. 

The Good Life



Dodging Arrows