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The sights we see and the sounds we hear along The Journey

Liner Notes on The Journey

I am so excited to FINALLY release my new album THE JOURNEY - yes more than 2 years in the making! It's very special to me as I wanted to make a unique one of a kind album that showcases my trumpet plying as well as some improvisation and my best compositions. The soundscape is a rhythmic and fun elm style with the trumpet being the voice. The album is all about our whole lives. The Journey is your life. It starts and ends with Angels. Here there is a dance version that starts off the album, them the last version that ends the album is a reprise-- this time with no beat. It's a little ethereal as it represents the afterlife.

I know it's a little artsy but this has been very fun m,making a truly groundbreaking album instead of sounds and styles you have heard before. When you listen, you should put on your seatbelt. Especially if you're driving ;)

Working with me on the tracks production is the talented Remixer and producer Robert Eibach. We have worked together for more than a dozen years, yet this is our first collaboration on a production. We are both very proud of the results!

Genesis represents a musical version of your beginning. One note combines with another to start dividing as cells do in our creation. After a bit of building, a heartbeat appears and musically you can tell the themes are very unique, illustrating your own unique and special dan blueprint of individuality. Playground is a fun catchy song that reminds us that the childlike frolic from our youth can still be fun and bring us back to the time when life was simpler.
Mermaids is a nautical themed song which sounds like a conversation between mermaids underwater and someone in the land world. If you imagine the dancing and swimming involved you'll get a smile for sure. Mermaids represents that point in childhood where little boys discover girls. We find that they are far prettier than we are, and often more dangerous. Every little boy falls in love with them and every little girl wants to be one.

Never Give Us is an anthemic drive of ambition. Do what it says!
Dodging Arrows is what all of us experience when we start a new business, relationship, hobby, or endeavor and it suddenly seems the whole world wants to keep us from succeeding. If you listen with headphones you'll find yourself ducking your head as the arrows swish past you all around the listening environment.

The Good Life is that point when you can stop and enjoy how things can be when you are enjoying family, friends, your work and your passions. I brought in talented South African Grammy Winner Wouter Kellerman to be featured on a lovely flute solo and harmonies with me. You'll be proud as you enjoy The Good Life.

When we get a taste of something good, often we take i to extremes. Decadence is all about going too far. Over the top. If one is good, two are better to the point of excess. It's musically fun and gives us a chance to spotlight a few talented ladies including a wonderful shredding young lead guitarist named Ariel who converses with my wild over the top trumpet. Adding to my vocals is an exciting vocal electro pop duo of Katie Shorey and Andie Sandoval together called Stiletto. It'll soon be released as a dance single for the Billboard charts here in the USA as well.

Swagger is all about feeling good and getting your swagger on. You know you look good today. Others can see it in your stride, the way you carry yourself. Feels good my friend! On this I had to bring in a couple of the funnies player on the planet to help me. The great Smitty Smith joins me on bass and iconic funk master Funky Gemi Taylor adds his wonderful guitar work. I really had fun on that one.

There comes a time in our lives that we realize that maybe it's not just about us as a person. We find a need to reach out to help our fellow man. To uplift someone who needs and deserves it. This year is hate 30th anniversary of We Are The World where musical greats Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie brought artists together to sing for a worthy cause- starving people in Africa. To celebrate that, I wrote a song called WE ARE ONE to bring artists together to stand up for each other, for people of all races this year when our country is so divided. No politics-- just love and uplifting. I planned to produce it with 20 artists joining me and to have it done in 2 weeks. It got way out of hand. I started recording sessions for it in New York, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas and London. Artists from all over the world recorded their vocals and sent them to join in this wild movement. Now on the album version we have more than 600 ARTISTS!!!!! All singing or unity. The sounds of 600 artists singing together has never been heard. In fact according to Guiness, this is now the "biggest song in the history of pop music" with all these artists on one song. Generations from the 1950s through current artists are all singing together including The Dazz Band, Freda Payne, The 5th Dimension, Peaches And Herb, Coasters, Drifters, platters and many many more. This is going to be a serious single at the end of the year and we will be performing it on many national tv shows with thousands of kids all over America this next year.

One of the most important events in our lives is when we feel the power of mercy and forgiveness in our lives. This is what inspired Redemption. It has a melody that I improvised with this theme in mind so it is passionate and uplifting. Over all the years of recording albums this is one of my pretties melodies and it's due to the nature of the idea. The album is summed up with the Angels Reprise and it takes very creative turns and harmonies, also all improvised.

I hope you enjoy THE JOURNEY! I have had a wonderful and exhausting time producing and performing it!

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